Since 1990 we have been producing clothing, uniforms and custom clothes in small and large series.

Quality Guarantee

Modern technology enables us to perform quality work certification according to ISO 9001 certification. We work with proven quality materials; therefore we are not the cheapest on the market.

Custom clothes

We also accept orders atypical, tailored orders, even single pieces. We meet your requirements to the smallest details and at an agreed time.

Strategic location

Manufacture of clothing

We have been dealing with the manufacture of clothing for hunters, fishermen, as well as for workers and different professions for more than 23 years. We also produce uniforms, various textile accessories like bags, belts, caps and many more. A long-lasting cooperation with the army is the guarantee of our quality products.You do not need to pay extra for the quality, it is obvious, and since we are equipped with the latest technologies and we cooperate only with verified suppliers. The materials we use are of the highest quality and highly resistant to external influences.

Clothing for hunters and fishermen

Work wear from durable materials

Looking for good quality clothing for hunters or fishermen? We can produce hunting coats, jackets, trousers, accessories and breeches and all of them in the highest quality. In addition, we produce tailor-made protective and work clothing for the security services, the municipal police, paramedics, rescue service and many other fields of profession. These products are made from durable materials.

Textile accessories

Jackets, bags, hats, gloves

Investment in modern technology and the use of the finest materials, allowed us to produce clothing and accessories for the most demanding clients such as the army. Special production required a wide range of products such as jackets, field trousers, shirts, hats, underwear and deployment bags and sleeping bags. We also made military clothing for the UNO and for some foreign missions. Some of these products have been patented by the Industrial Trade Mark Office, for example, our winter jacket and our deployment bag.


The quality of our work was appreciated by customers not only in Slovakia but also abroad.

Why choose us?

Our clients appreciate our work mainly its consistency related to the smallest details. We will be honored to produce clothing for your company.

Our most serious reference is our presence on the market for over twenty years in a challenging segment of textile production. During this period we have been reliable partners of ministries, international organizations, companies and individuals as well.

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